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  • Opening a Demo Account
    Signing up for a demo account with ALTFX can be completed within minutes. Visit ALTFX website. Click on Sign Up. Enter Country. Enter Mobile Number and get OTP. Enter Mobile OTP. Enter Email Address and get OTP. Enter Email OTP. Demo account is opened.
  • Opening a Live Trading Account
    To start live trading, ALTFX will need to fully verify your account. Once verified, subsequent accounts can be opened instantly. Go to the Accounts page and select Open Account. Select country of Residence. Enter your Personal Information; please ensure your full name matches exactly the same name shown on the Identification Document to be uploaded later. Enter your Trading Experience. Upload proof of Identity Document and a Selfie. Select the desired Account Type and Leverage. Enter Trading Password. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Submit application. ALTFX aim to verify all accounts within 24 hours, but in the event when there is a high volume of applications, verification process may take up to 5 business days.
  • Funding your Live Account
    To fund your account, simply go to Funds page -> Deposit. Select the Currency you want to fund your account with. ALTFX's bank details will be displayed. Transfer the funds using the bank account of your choice to ALTFX. Once transferred, go back to Funds -> *Currency of your choosing. Enter the transfer details. Upload the proof of transfer. Submit. To Receive your funds by T+1, please send the submit Deposit application by 2.30pm SGT. Any application after 2.30pm SGT will be T+2
  • Withdrawal
    To withdraw from your account, simply go the Funds Page -> Withdrawal. Select the Trading Account to withdraw from. Enter desired withdrawal amount. Select which bank account / wallet to withdraw from. Click Next and Confirm withdrawal. To receive your funds by T+1, please send the submit Withdrawal application by 1.30pm SGT. Any application after 1.30pm SGT will be T+2.
  • Adding a Bank Account
    You can add up to 2 different bank accounts with your name. To do so, go to Funds page -> Bank Account. Select Add Bank Account. Enter your bank account details. Upload a bank statement as proof. a. Must show your full name and address. b. You can hide all other transaction details on the bank statement if any. 4. Click Done to confirm.
  • Adding a Crypto Wallet
    You can add up to 2 different wallet with your name. To do so, go to Funds page -> Crypto Address. Select Add Crypto Address. Enter the OTP either from registered mobile number of email address. Select the Crypto Currency. (Currently ALTFX only accepts USDC) Select the Network. (Currently ALTFX only accepts ERC20 network) Enter crypto wallet address. Upload a picture of the QR code tied to the wallet address. Click Done to confirm.
  • Closing Your Account
    Closing your trading account is simple and can be carried out in a few easy steps. Follow these steps to close your account: Submit an email to ALTFX at using the account holder's registered email address. Only request via email will be accepted. The email should contain the following details: Email Subject: Close Account - *Trading Account Number* Registered Name. Trading Account Number. Reason for Closing Account. Once the application is received, you will receive an email (within 5 business days) regarding the account closure date and a verification call to confirm the request. Once the account is closed. you will receive an email that your account has been closed, along with account statements for all active accounts for the past 30 calendar days. Any funds remaining in your account will be refunded to you. What you need to know about a closing account When applying to close your account, you must follow the steps below. Close all your open positions. If you fail to do so, the open positions will be closed at current quotes upon termination. Your access to the trading platform with the terminated trading account will cease and functionality made limited. *Note: Once an account is terminated, the same email cannot be used to open a new account. 3. You will not be able to open new positions on the closed account. 4. The company reserves the right to: a. Reject withdrawals and keep your funds as necessary to close positions which have been opened and/or pay any pending obligations of yours under the Client Agreement. b. Combine your accounts in order to consolidate and offset the balances in those Accounts. c. Convert any currency. d. Close all the accounts in your name maintained with us. 5. If the balance of your trading account is in your favor, then such balance will be paid to you as reasonably practicable and a statement of account will be sent to you.
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